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Usage of increased paid-up capital

BackJan 31, 2007

SF 037/50

30 January 2007

Subject: Usage of increased paid-up capital

To: President The Stock Exchange of Thailand

With reference to the resolution of Shareholders' Extraordinary Meeting No. 1/2006 of Siam Future Development Public Company Limited on 14 July 2006, the Company increased capital from Baht 500,000,000 to Baht 533,947,769 and from Baht 424,117,769 of paid-up capital to Baht 508,941,438 by allotment 84,823,669 shares to existing shareholders in proportion to their shareholding at the ratio of 5 current shares to 1 newly issued shares at the price of Baht 5 per share and subscription and payment period from 7-11 August 2006, totaling Baht 424,118,345.

The Company would like to report the usage of increased paid-up capital as follows:

Increased paid-up capital from existing

shareholders from 7-11 Aug 06
Usage of increased paid-up capital
Cash at ending as at 31 December 2006

The company would like to report the usage of increased paid-up capital until December 31, 2006 that the whole amount of increased paid-up capital had been used for the land lease payment and construction of our 2 new shopping centers, Esplanade Ratchada and La Villa Phahonyothin.

Please be informed accordingly,


Yours sincerely,


(Mr.Somnuk Pojkasemsin)

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