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Report on the results of exercise of warrants (ESOP)

BackFeb 04, 2008

SF 037/08

1 February 2008

Subject: Report on the results of the exercise of warrants (ESOP)

To: The President The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Siam Future Development Public Company Limited had allotted 15,000,000 units of 5-year warrants (ESOP) to directors and employees on January 17th, 2007 which can be exercised by the following conditions : 1 year after granted, the warrant holders can exercise not more than 40% of the warrants allocated; 2 years after granted, the warrant holders can exercise not more than 70% of the warrants allocated; after 3 years, the warrant holders can exercise fully 100% of the warrants allocated. The exercise date is on the last date of every month. The warrant holders have the right to purchase common shares of the company at the exercise ratio of 1 warrant for 1 new ordinary share at the exercise price of Baht 6.94 per share according to the criteria and conditions specified in the prospectus.

The company would like to report the results of the exercise of warrant (ESOP) which was exercised on January 31st, 2008 as follows:

1. Number of warrant holders application
15 Persons
2. Number of warrant holders exercise
15 Persons
3. Number of warrants being exercised
1,213,335 Units
4. Number of shares resulted from the exercise
5. Number of warrants remains unexercised
13,786,665 Units
6. Number of shares reserved for the exercise

Please be informed accordingly.


Yours sincerely,


(Mr. Somnuk Pojkasemsin)


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