Investor Relations

Notification of debenture descriptions and terms

BackJun 13, 2007

SF 205/07

13 June 2007

Subject: Notification of debenture descriptions and terms

To: President The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Siam future Development Public Company Limited would like to inform the terms and condition of debenture for the approval of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No.1/2007 on 17 July 2007 as follows:

Type of debentures Secured or unsecured, all types of short-term debentures depending on market situation and timing
Issued Size Up to 2,000,000,000 Baht
Term Not more than 10 years
Offering to Public Offering and/or Private Placement following to SEC No. Kor Jor 32/2544 regarding regulations and conditions, permission of selling debentures dated 19 October 2001
Bond Representative The Company will appoint the Bond Representative to follow the rules and regulations.
Repayment Amortizing or Bullet

Please be informed accordingly.


Sincerely Yours,


(Mr. Somnuk Pojkasemsin)