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Resolutions of the EGM No.1/2007

BackJul 18, 2007

SF 248/07

17 July 2007

Subject: Resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No.1/2007

To: President The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Notice is hereby given that the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No.1/2007 of Siam Future Development Public Company Limited held on 17 July 2007 at 15.00-15.22 pm. approved the following resolutions:

1. Unanimously adopted the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Y2007,

2. Unanimously approved the issuance of debentures which the details are as follows:

Type of Debentures : Unsecured or secured or short-term debenture of all types suitable to the market condition at the time when the Company wishes to issue and offer such type of debenture.
Issued Size : Up to THB 2,000,000,000 plus THB 200,000,000 remaining amount of debentures, the total amount of debentures is up to THB 2,200,000,000
Term of Debentures : Not more than 10 years.
Offering to : Public offering and/or Private Placement
Repayment : Amortizing or bullet payment according to the terms and conditions of each issuance of debentures.

Please be informed accordingly,


Yours sincerely,


(Mr.Somnuk Pojkasemsin)